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Trump campaign served with two TCPA class action lawsuits for “Make America Great Again” text message

Donald Trump’s presidential campaign was hit with two separate TCPA class action lawsuits for a text message allegedly sent to consumer plaintiffs.

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7th Circuit holds that agency principles apply to junk-fax cases

The Seventh Circuit recently weighed in on the question of liability for a third-party’s junk-fax violations under the TCPA.

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Federal district court ruling distinguishes employment-related solicitations from “telemarketing”

A federal district court recently held that a realty company’s automated text messages did not constitute telemarketing under the TCPA.

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The Telephone Consumer Protection Act of 1991 (“TCPA”) is a federal statute enacted to protect consumer privacy against the proliferation of emerging telemarketing technologies that have enabled mass marketers to reach into the homes of consumers like never before.  The TCPA, in combination with the implementing rules of the Federal Communications Commission (“FCC”), regulate how and when businesses may call, fax or text both residential landlines and cell phones.  Read more about what the TCPA is...

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