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FCC urges robocallers to adopt call authentication system

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has warned robocallers that they have a year to clean up their acts, or the FCC will take action. Specifically, the FCC is pushing the implementation of a “traceback” system developed by a working group of internet engineers and other industry stakeholders that will make it easier to track the origin of calls. The FCC intends that the system will prevent robocalls from lying about the number they are calling from, making it easier to track the origin of the call.

Several industry members have already adopted the system, known as SHAKEN/STIR. The system requires telephone service providers to provide digital certificates for each telephone number issued. The digital certificates are then used by the telephone provider receiving a phone call to determine whether the incoming number is authentic or if it has been spoofed.

The FCC’s push for call authentication is part of its renewed effort to rein in robocallers. “We need call authentication to become a realityit’s the best way to ensure that consumers can answer their phones with confidence,” Ajit Pai, chairman of the FCC, said in a statement. Although the FCC has threatened to take action if those industry members who have not yet adopted the call authentication system do not do so within the next year, it has not said how it will go about obtaining their compliance.


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